Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life's crazy ride for sure!

It has been a looong march and part of April! The first thing is, I am kind of working again, in a way.  I am defiantly still 100% a stay at home mom but now I am also getting into real estate.  I have always LOVED real estate and now I am getting the opportunity to learn about real estate in my new town.  I will be hopefully getting my license this summer but for now I am hunting down investment properties and then renting all of the businesses properties.  So far I am LOVING it.  I never thought I would miss working but I realize I kind of do.  I would HATE a regular job. This gives me the flexibility I need.  I also have a wonderful sister in law that helps me out when I need do things when Nate isn't home.
The second thing is our trip to Arizona got pushed up unexpectedly.   We had a family emergency so we went the last week in March. I will NEVER fly with young kids again!  Heading to AZ was not horrible.  We had some rough patches and they only slept for like 45 minutes of the 4.5 hour flight.  We landed and had to sit on the tarmac for another 45 minutes.  Aria LOST it!  The time change and new surroundings also proved to be a little challenging for the girls.  The best part was meeting their cousins, family and friends that live there.  We have a lot of fun memories! The flight home was a nightmare.  Aria was a mess and Liv was super squirmy.  It took them about 3 days to readjust to east coast time.  One night Aria cried off and on for 4 hours! 
The third thing is we are now a bottle free house!  I finally cut the cord and weaned Aria from night toddler formula feedings.  I do give her a sippy cup with water because I do think she gets thirsty. She has been sleeping through the night more often now! 
I am really starting to love it in Ohio!  The longer I am here the more I know I was meant to be here.  Here are some photos of our trip.

Oh yeah Ari got a black eye from falling on sidewalk chalk!

Easter Sunday in AZ