Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby 3 and/or 4??

Most moms that are in the toddler stage seem to forget the newborn stage and the pregnancy (if it was particularly hard).  I thought that wouldn't be me.  They start to discuss the serious possibility of another child. I thought that wouldn't be me since I won big at the 2 for 1 sale.  After the discussion it becomes a reality and the planning begins.  SOOOO not me!  HAHHAHA famous last words. 
I have off and on for a little while now had the itch to maybe try IVF again.  I would then have a hard day with the girls and that itch would be gone.  Then it would come back and the cycle began.  The past couple of month the itch has turned into a full blown rash and it is taking Nate along for the ride!
So I started to research IVF clinics here just to test the waters.  OMG for a state that is cheaper than NH in every way they failed in one area...FERTILITY!  The clinics I called wanted $15,000 PER CYCLE(not including medication)!!!! We paid $7500(not including medication)!!! So I call Dr. Hill's office in NH to see if they knew of any clinics around my area.  What I got from that call was hope that we could do this again!  Dr. Hill can do it for me and I would just need to come to NH for about 2 weeks and we could fly Nate in for they last big part!  Not only can he do it but its now only $6800 and if you do 2 cycles and they are unsuccessful the third one is FREE! So I can do 3 cycles for less than the cost of 1 here! So we are projecting early 2014 to start this all over again. 
I still fear it not working but now I kind of fear it working a bit to well!  I have told Nate to just prepare for another set of twin girls.  Or even more hair raising... Triplet girls!  What if Aria and Olivia were just an intro into what is coming (insert shutter here)! I have come to the conclusion what ever happens is no mistake.  God will decide what we need.  So if it is all girls and triplets well he better give me a lot more patients and sleep:)  The reason I say 3 is because 3 eggs might be the best since I will be 32.  We shall see:)  I have a consultation call with Dr. Hill on Monday and I am sure we will discuss that.  So I am sure there will be more post to come!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Must Haves for Us 12-18 month

So I keeping with the tradition of the must haves that worked for us I thought I should do a 12-18 month post. I have no idea if anyone reads these list or even cares but it is fun to look back on as time flies! So on to the list.

1. Baby Signing Time or Signing Time DVDs -  These are super annoying and the songs get in your head for hours but THEY WORK!  Liv can sign so many things I can't keep up and Aria is right behind her.  They still don't talk much so this helps A LOT!!!!!

2.  Riding Toys-  The girls LOVE anything they can "Drive" or ride!

4.  Books- They love to be read to or just sit on their bean bags and read to themselves

5.  Blocks and Shape Sorters-  They get frustrated easily with them but when I sit down and help them they love it.

6. Hide and Squeak Eggs-  These are not something I would have purchased but my mom sent them as a Christmas gift and they LOVE them!!!

7. Water Table-  My friend gave us her water table and it is a huge hit.  It also hold an umbrella which is good!

8.  Rash Guard Long Sleeve Swimsuits-  Less sunscreen=good!

I guess that is all I can think of for now