Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is a message from a fellow twin mom

Her friend is struggling with one of my worst nightmares!   

I have been part of a group of twin moms who's babies were all born in December since I found out we were expecting 2 bundles. One of my friends in this group is dealing with the unthinkable. Talk to everyone caring for your children, if they are reaching their boiling point ask then to walk away, hand off the child and get a hold of their emotions. Not only is she watching her son fight the battle of his young life but she knows that all this was at the hands of her overwhelmed husband who has now been arrested. I ask that all of you pray for them, send them good vibes, or do whatever it is you do when someone is in a time of need. HUG YOUR CHILDREN - OFTEN.

I don't know the situation surrounding the husband but my pedi said most people that shake babies are not bad, abusive people.  They are sleep deprived people that don't know how to remove themselves from a situation.  I am not saying the father has an excuse but this poor woman's world has been turned upside down.  Her baby is fighting for his life, her husband betrayed her in the worst possible way and she has another infant at home she needs to somehow care for in the midst of all of this!   I am praying for this little baby, the mom and the dad.  This story breaks my heart and I pray I will never have to experience anything like this.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A full week of crazy!

So this week I didn't make plans to go anywhere.  I wanted to work on a daytime schedule and do one full week of cloth diapering Aria.  It was crazy for some reason.  It is now Friday night and they still don't have a daily scheduled.  However they are going down at night really well.  Tonight they went down instantly.  This leaves me time to do what I want to at night although I should go to bed with them. 
The cloth diapering went well.  I am still getting use to it but we only use 8 disposable diapers this week for Aria.  I don't cloth diaper at night for now.   I also don;t cloth diaper when we go out because that is requires a lot more preparation and I am still in survival mode. 
As for the night it has been interesting!  Some nights one of the girls will sleep 7 hours straight but the other will do 3 or 4!  The girls are now 10 weeks old and I am still up at least every 3 hours.  Last night I was up every hour!  I think they are going through a growth spurt. 
The biggest news for me is I have been pumping and feeding the girls almost all breast milk for 10 weeks!  We do supplement formula right before they go to bed due to Olivia's low weight gain but the majority of their feedings is breast milk!  I HATE pumping!  It is such a pain but I do it for my girls!  Even the girls pediatrician is shocked I have lasted this long.  It is really hard to do when I am home alone with them but I find a way.  I feel it is one of my greatest accomplishments so far.  I take it day by day and my goal for now is 6 months.  I am really hoping for a year but we will see how it goes. 
Anyway I am exhausted and need to go to bed.  Sorry this post is all over the place I am just to tired to put all my thoughts in order.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to change a newborn!

Taken from another blog but sooooo true!!!

1.  Make sure you have a designated changing area stocked with wipes, diapers, butt cream, baby lotion, a changing pad and potentially a pad to protect your changing pad (it's all about keeping the baby retailers in business, people).
2.  Take unsuspecting stinky and wet newborn to changing area.
3.  Place newborn on changing pad.
4.  Wait for inevitable scream of bloody murder before removing any of the newborn's clothes.
5.  Unsnap newborn onesie and slide the outfit behind the baby's back to avoid poop and pee on the clothes.
6.  Open diaper to reveal mass of stinky, oddly colored poop (insert your own expletive to yell out here.  Holy Sh*t! always works).
7.  Call spouse into the room to discuss the color and consistency of your child's bowel movement.
8.  Ask spouse to Google the description of the poop to make sure it's "normal."
9.  Use a cold wipe to clean the area.  Use 18 more wipes.
10.  Place wipes in diaper and throw diaper away.
11.  Yell more expletives at the diaper champ as you try to throw the diaper away because the bag is overflowing and the lid won't turn for the diaper to go in.
12.  Look back at your infant as a stream of urine flows onto the table and down the nearby wall (depending on the sex of your baby of course).
13.  Use the clean outfit under the infant to try to "catch" the urine.
14.  Wipe the infant and the wall with more baby wipes.
15.  Lift the naked baby to replace the pad that protects your changing pad cover.
16.  Place a clean diaper underneath the newborn.
17.  Use it to catch the stream of diarrhea flowing out of your baby's bottom.
18.  Repeat steps 9-11.
19.  Place a clean diaper underneath the newborn.
20.  Dress the baby in a new onesie.
21.  Spend 5 minutes trying to find the child's arms to pull through the sleeves.
22.  Pick up your baby and admire your handiwork.
23.  Lean slightly away from the baby to avoid the projectile vomit spewing forth from it's mouth.
24.  Use 3 or more burp cloths to clean the spit up off your baby, the floor, yourself...
25.  Repeat steps 20-22.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 months old!!

Today the girls turned 2 months!  I can't believe how quickly time flies! The girls are not sleeping through the night yet but occasionally give me a 4-6 hour stretch.  Most nights one girl will sleep 6 hours but the other will not so usually I am still up every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Tonight we are putting them down to bed before they are asleep and trying to get them use to a scheduled.  If they cry one of us goes into the room and gives them their pacifier.  We are going on 26 mins right now and I feel it will be at least an hour of this.  Hopefully every day it will be shorter times.  Today also marks day 2 of cloth diapering Aria.  I purchased cloth diapers to start at 10 lbs. Aria is just under 10lbs and Livy isn't even close.  I am actually glad she isn't because I think it will be easier starting with one and getting the hang of it before I do both.  The first cloth diaper  changed yesterday was a very big bowel movement!!! Thank god I purchased a nifty little thing called the diaper sprayer!  It hooks into the water line to the toilet and you spray the diaper into the toilet.  It works well!  It's not the most fun thing and disposables are easier but I just think of how much money we are saving!  Now that I am a stay at home mom we need to cut cost where we can.Speaking of being a stay at home mom....BEST and hardest job EVER!!!!  I love it!  I know my girls love it as well!   I use to dread waking up in the morning knowing I had to go to work.  Now at night I am so thankful that I will get up and be doing what I feel like I was born to do!  I really feel I was born to be a mom.  It is HARD and frustrating at times but the good far out weights the bad!  To see my girls smile at me is like selling a ton of phones in one day (for those that don't know me in real life I sold cell phones at the best cell phone company US Cellular)!! 
Now we are on minute 37 of the pacifirer war!  Aria is now asleep but my little Livy is the most stubborn, strong willed child and is fighting tooth and nail!  I am hoping every night it gets better and we can get a bedtime schedule down.  Then we can work on a nap schedule because that is a hot mess!  Well I better get ready for bed. Here is a 2 month pic!