Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sick and Pregnant....Not a good combo

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold, sure enough it was in full swing by last night!  I found the paper that my OB gave me with safe medicine.  However, the paper said they are safe but don't take them with out talking to your doctor first.  At that point it was 10pm, so I had to try to sleep with no medication...worst idea ever!  I didn't sleep at all and now I have a long day and feel miserable!  Word of advice ask your doctor what you can personally take and purchase those medication before you get sick!  Part of me doesn't want to take anything but last night was so bad.  I really hope I can make it thorough the day because the premier of my favorite show So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight and I can't wait until tomorrow to watch it on my DVR.  Last night I stayed up to see the Idol finale and was pleased with the results!  I actually hate country music but I just love Scotty!  It's a very big TV week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What a day!

Not a dull moment in the sweet peas lives!  This morning I got a call from my OB that all my test came back great except for one...I have a UTI.  So I had to pick up a prescription.  When I went to Hannafords to pick up my medicine they had fresh thawed turkeys and I thought I'll make a turkey dinner.  I love a good turkey dinner! So I bought all the stuff and went home.  I realized I forgot the pan in the car so I threw on my flip flops and went out to get it.  We have a deck off of our kitchen and there are about 12 steps down to the driveway.  I got to the 3rd step from the top and slipped and fell down 8 of the steps!  It took my breath away and hurt really bad.  So I freaked out and called my OB and they wanted to see me immediately.  So I had to forget the turkey dinner :(  and rushed down to my OB.  Thank god the babies are ok!  Baby A was defiantly not waving at me today, she ( I think Baby A is a girl) was ignoring us.  Baby B however was showing his( I think Baby B is a boy) discontent but moving around like a mexican jumping bean, but everything looked fine.   Then they sent me to the ER because I slammed my arm on the stairs.  They checked me out and I am fine.  So now I am home relaxing and waiting for the Bacholorette to start.  I wish we could get through a few weeks without a catastrophe!  I am just happy they are OK.

Friday, May 20, 2011

10 weeks and 5 days!

I went to my first OB appointment on Thursday.  It went very well...again I stressed myself out over nothing!  The midwife was very nice and understood why I was so paranoid.  She decided not to do an internal exam this appointment because it can cause bleeding and from what little she knows of me already knew the bleeding would freak me out in the first trimester.  So she will do it at my next appointment which will be at 14 weeks 3 days.  we tried to hear the babies heartbeats with a doppler but couldn't sooo I cried, like alot.  The night before I had a dream that we couldn't find Baby B's heartbeat so I was still emotional over that.  The midwife understood why I was upset and squeezed me in for a quick peak ultrasound.  Baby A waved furiously at us and Baby B was just kicking around.  So I decided I liked the practice!  We have decided to do the first trimester screen for certain birth defects. The biggest reason we are doing it is I would rather prepare myself for a special needs child/children now than  find out when they are here and I am so overwhelmed just being a new mom.  It will not make me terminate because I don't believe in it.  The screening will be done in the next 3 weeks and if all comes back good than thats that.  If not then we can decide to do a few more tests.  It is all covered by my insurance so that is a plus.  As far as how I am feeling, I am still tired but am staying up a little later lately.  I am not as nauseous.   For a few weeks there I really considered getting Zofran to help ease the nauseous, but it has let up in the past week.  It isn't completely gone but manageable.  Oh and I have only gained 5lbs in the past 11 weeks so I happy for that.  I haven't eaten as healthy as I should mainly because I crave sweet and salty but I glad to see I am not overdoing it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer's almost here!

Today was an awesome day!  Even though it was on the chili side and overcast, Nate and I enjoyed a day on my cousin Nicole's and her husband Joe's pontoon boat.  We had a great time with their kids as well.  Nate help Cameron fish.  It was the cutest thing and it made my heart melt seeing how good he is with both kids!  We can't wait to have more fun on the boat this summer!
Nate helping Cameron fish

 This week is also my first OB appointment and I am a little worried.  I don't know what to expect with a twin pregnancy...actually I have no idea what to expect at all.  I am use to having an ultrasound every 2 weeks or so and I need that reassurance that everything is ok in there!  My first appointment is with a midwife.  I have nothing against midwives but when I worked in Labor and Delivery about 5 years ago a midwife never could handle a twin pregnancy because it is considered high risk.  I know things can change in 5 years but I am still uneasy.  My fertility doctor recommended 2 of the doctors in that practice so I should have a little more faith but I am scared they are going to treat this as a singleton pregnancy.  I am reading a couple good multiple pregnancy books and they all say if an OB clinic treats a multiple pregnancy like a singleton then find a new doctor FAST!  I can only imagine what will happen if they tell me I only get an one more ultrasound at 20 weeks!  I'll probably cry in their office.  Maybe I am just reading into the midwife thing but I need to make sure I am getting the best care possible for me and my babies!  I have heard to many horror stories about lack of care and bad things happening to twins!  I have worked to hard to get here and I can't imagine having something happen that could have been prevented by the right care!  If I feel that they are not taking care of us like I think they should then I am not sure what I will do.  I don't know really anyone that has had twins recently that can recommend a good OB.  I might go to one of the doctors I use to work with in Concord.  The biggest things on my list of unacceptable are...not monitoring the pregnancy more in the second and third trimester, not more than one ultrasound, not checking my cervix's starting week 20 to make sure its not thinning and my membranes are still long and telling me that I worry to much and basically pass off my concerns as if I being ridiculous!  I know I can be ridiculous but I think I have a right to be!  I need a lot of reassurance!  One of the things I LOVED about my fertility doctor is whenever I called with a dumb question my nurse never made me feel stupid, she always made me feel like no question was a bad one and she always knew I needed reassurance!  I wish my fertility clinic could be my OB!  Maybe I getting myself all worked up over nothing but I am really nervous.  On top of all that I will be 10 weeks in a few days and a lot of people have told me bad things have happened to them at 10 weeks!  Why they feel the need to tell me this is beyond me but now I am paranoid of week 10!  On top of the paranoia if they don't give me an ultrasound I think I am going to lose it!  I know everyone tells me I need to enjoy this pregnancy but I really don't think I can relax until I hit my second trimester!  Maybe its the mark of an infertile but I get scared this will be ripped away from me and I ll be right back to where I was...childless and heartbroken.  I have to remember people do this everyday!  I know when I go to my appointment I am going to tell them what I need from them!  I just hope at the end of the day I will be happy with my OB choice!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am A Graduate!

Yesterday I headed down to Portsmouth for my 9 week ultrasound.  It went great!  Baby A is measuring at 9 weeks 2 days with a heart rate of 177.  Baby B is measuring 9 weeks and 1 day with a heart rate of 166.  We saw the babies move on the ultrasound and one looked like it waved to us.  In all the other ultrasounds I lied and said I could see the heartbeats because I didn't want to seem dumb, but yesterday I didn't even need to strain to see their hearts! They looked like little wings fluttering away!  It is amazing to see how fast they grow!  After the ultrasound I had to sign a bunch of paperwork to release my medical record to my OB and I realized this is it!  I am done with my RE!  Next week is my first real OB appointment!!  It was really sad to say goodbye to my great doctor and nurse!  They made me promise to send pictures!  I have also reached some milestones!  I have never had a pregnancy last this long, I have never seen heartbeats in my other pregnancies, and I have never had a real OB appointment!  I have to keep remembering that when I start to freakout about miscarrying!  3 more weeks and my chances go way down for miscarriage so I need to just relax and trust that everything will go well!!  So things are still going well and my nauseousness seems to be getting a little better.  I am still tired and have no energy but I am hoping that will start to get better in the next couple of weeks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mothers Day Scare!

Last night my wonderful husband cooked me dinner and gave me a mothers day card!  Then this morning he made me breakfast.   Then I went off to work.  At about 3pm I started to spot in a more reddish color and decided to go straight to the ER.  I had been really crampy  yesterday and today so when I saw blood I of course freaked out.  Nate met me at the ER and we went for an ultrasound.  Surprisingly they did the ultrasound on my belly and not the transvaginal way I expected.  There were my little sweet peas with their hearts a flutter.  Baby A actually was moving on the ultrasound!  So apparently I over reacted again but I am glad to see they are doing well!  When I checked into the ER the nurse put me in a certain room because the nurse for that room was nice and had been through stuff she said.  After the ultrasound my nurse said after her first miscarriage she got pregnant with twins and they are now 10 months!  I asked her a billion questions and she made me feel better.  Everyone was really nice and supportive!  So on my "first" mothers day I got to see my sweet peas which was the best gift ever!