Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am A Graduate!

Yesterday I headed down to Portsmouth for my 9 week ultrasound.  It went great!  Baby A is measuring at 9 weeks 2 days with a heart rate of 177.  Baby B is measuring 9 weeks and 1 day with a heart rate of 166.  We saw the babies move on the ultrasound and one looked like it waved to us.  In all the other ultrasounds I lied and said I could see the heartbeats because I didn't want to seem dumb, but yesterday I didn't even need to strain to see their hearts! They looked like little wings fluttering away!  It is amazing to see how fast they grow!  After the ultrasound I had to sign a bunch of paperwork to release my medical record to my OB and I realized this is it!  I am done with my RE!  Next week is my first real OB appointment!!  It was really sad to say goodbye to my great doctor and nurse!  They made me promise to send pictures!  I have also reached some milestones!  I have never had a pregnancy last this long, I have never seen heartbeats in my other pregnancies, and I have never had a real OB appointment!  I have to keep remembering that when I start to freakout about miscarrying!  3 more weeks and my chances go way down for miscarriage so I need to just relax and trust that everything will go well!!  So things are still going well and my nauseousness seems to be getting a little better.  I am still tired and have no energy but I am hoping that will start to get better in the next couple of weeks!

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