Friday, May 20, 2011

10 weeks and 5 days!

I went to my first OB appointment on Thursday.  It went very well...again I stressed myself out over nothing!  The midwife was very nice and understood why I was so paranoid.  She decided not to do an internal exam this appointment because it can cause bleeding and from what little she knows of me already knew the bleeding would freak me out in the first trimester.  So she will do it at my next appointment which will be at 14 weeks 3 days.  we tried to hear the babies heartbeats with a doppler but couldn't sooo I cried, like alot.  The night before I had a dream that we couldn't find Baby B's heartbeat so I was still emotional over that.  The midwife understood why I was upset and squeezed me in for a quick peak ultrasound.  Baby A waved furiously at us and Baby B was just kicking around.  So I decided I liked the practice!  We have decided to do the first trimester screen for certain birth defects. The biggest reason we are doing it is I would rather prepare myself for a special needs child/children now than  find out when they are here and I am so overwhelmed just being a new mom.  It will not make me terminate because I don't believe in it.  The screening will be done in the next 3 weeks and if all comes back good than thats that.  If not then we can decide to do a few more tests.  It is all covered by my insurance so that is a plus.  As far as how I am feeling, I am still tired but am staying up a little later lately.  I am not as nauseous.   For a few weeks there I really considered getting Zofran to help ease the nauseous, but it has let up in the past week.  It isn't completely gone but manageable.  Oh and I have only gained 5lbs in the past 11 weeks so I happy for that.  I haven't eaten as healthy as I should mainly because I crave sweet and salty but I glad to see I am not overdoing it!

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