Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mothers Day Scare!

Last night my wonderful husband cooked me dinner and gave me a mothers day card!  Then this morning he made me breakfast.   Then I went off to work.  At about 3pm I started to spot in a more reddish color and decided to go straight to the ER.  I had been really crampy  yesterday and today so when I saw blood I of course freaked out.  Nate met me at the ER and we went for an ultrasound.  Surprisingly they did the ultrasound on my belly and not the transvaginal way I expected.  There were my little sweet peas with their hearts a flutter.  Baby A actually was moving on the ultrasound!  So apparently I over reacted again but I am glad to see they are doing well!  When I checked into the ER the nurse put me in a certain room because the nurse for that room was nice and had been through stuff she said.  After the ultrasound my nurse said after her first miscarriage she got pregnant with twins and they are now 10 months!  I asked her a billion questions and she made me feel better.  Everyone was really nice and supportive!  So on my "first" mothers day I got to see my sweet peas which was the best gift ever!

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