Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So sick of sick!

Worst winter of sickness EVER!  I just got over strep!  I have had strep once and I was a senior in high school!  So far the girls have not gotten it but I am still worried!  Between ear infections, the flu and now strep, I feel like we will never get out of this cloud of sickness!  Hopefully we will be over the worst of it and spring will soon be here.  I wonder if part of the issue is being couped up inside all the time.  Having 2 toddlers to get ready just to run to the store is in my opinion a HUGE hassle!  So I tend to do any runs to the store when Nate is home.  I can't wait until we can play outside or go some where with out all the bundling up!  Plus I like to see how long a gallon of gas can last me so I tend not to go anywhere unnecessarily.  I had a gallon last me almost 6 weeks!
Anyway, I guess thats all that has been going on.  In a week and a half one of my best friends from NH  will be here!!!! I am soo excited!  Hopefully we are all healthy for the visit!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A lot going on here!

Wow so much has happened and so much more is coming!  The first is I decided to watch an 11 month old 5 days a week.....BIG MISTAKE!  He screamed all the time so I stop that after a month!  Now Nate and I are taking a financial class we are learning a lot and hoping we can live debt free someday.
 We are also heading to Arizona in April.  4.5 hours on a plane with twins!  Yikes, I am a little scared! 
One of my best friends is coming out here at the end of the month and I can't wait!!! The adjustment to a new state hasn't been easy so having her here will be awesome!
On top of all that I decided to learn to sew!  I am hoping to get good enough to make the girls dresses and thing! 
I guess that is what is happening in our lives right now.  The girls are growing so fast!  Every day there is something new!  They both are quite funny to watch.  They are AMAZING! Sorry for the sporadic post;)