Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So sick of sick!

Worst winter of sickness EVER!  I just got over strep!  I have had strep once and I was a senior in high school!  So far the girls have not gotten it but I am still worried!  Between ear infections, the flu and now strep, I feel like we will never get out of this cloud of sickness!  Hopefully we will be over the worst of it and spring will soon be here.  I wonder if part of the issue is being couped up inside all the time.  Having 2 toddlers to get ready just to run to the store is in my opinion a HUGE hassle!  So I tend to do any runs to the store when Nate is home.  I can't wait until we can play outside or go some where with out all the bundling up!  Plus I like to see how long a gallon of gas can last me so I tend not to go anywhere unnecessarily.  I had a gallon last me almost 6 weeks!
Anyway, I guess thats all that has been going on.  In a week and a half one of my best friends from NH  will be here!!!! I am soo excited!  Hopefully we are all healthy for the visit!

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