Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never a dull moment!

One of my best friends flew in from NH this past weekend and we had a blast!  We took the girls to the Y to swim.  They LOVED it!  We did as well since it was 30 degrees outside and we haven't swam since August!  I am so happy that they love water since I am such a water person!  I am still wondering how I am going to like Ohio in the summer since it doesn't have a ton of lakes with in a 20 mile radius! We also had a fun girls night with some of my new friends here!  It was surreal to see my new friends with my old and was a nice feeling!  Anyway, we also went to Polaris which has a cool indoor/outdoor type mall.  Plus a Cheesecake Factory! I love cheesecake!   I did find the lunch a bit over priced and the spinach cheese dip was very bland for almost 11$.  Their cheesecake is sooo worth it though!  I had the red velvet and it was amazing.  It even topped the red velvet cupcakes from Boston Children's. I don't think I blogged about them last April when Liv was admitted but I should have because they were really good. 
She was here from Thursday to Sunday...Far to short for me:(  I was sooo excited she was able to come out and see where we live. 
Yesterday was the girls 15 month check up....I can't believe they are 15 months already!  Aria is a little over 20lbs and Liv is 18.  She is now in the 3rd percentile for weight so we are doing well!  There has been something bothering me for a while now and they brought it up at our appointment after a few small test.  The girls language.  They don't seem to be communicating as well as most kids their age.  They hardly say mama and dada let alone 5-8 other words.  I mentioned it to my mom about a week ago.  So our pedi refereed us to a speech therapist. I am not super worried because I know they grasp things and I am sure it will come but I wouldn't mind the help since most days I feel like I have no idea what I am doing in the education sense.  I would also love for them to start communication a little better instead of crying all the time.  So thats what we are working on now. 

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