Monday, August 23, 2010

How much blood can they take?

So this morning and I mean MORNING, I went in for my first set of tests.  I think today was the easiest out of all the test that are coming up.  I had to be up by 5:30am to get to Portmouth by 7.  It was cold, dark and rainy and I just wanted to crawl back into bed. I wont be able to do that when we finally become parents so I should start getting used to it. I also was told I couldn't eat or drink at all.  No coffee at that time of the morning!  Its going to be along couple of hours!  I got to the clinic by 7 and walked into about 10 other woman waiting for various tests.  Sometimes I feel so alone in this journey and I forget many other woman are in the same infertility boat.  While I sat and waited for my turn I looked around and wonder what each woman was there for.  It also dawned on me that I should consider myself lucky.  I know what needs to be done to have a baby, many of these woman might not know.  They start with timed intercourse and then on to fertility drug then IUI and if all else fails they turn to the big gun...IVF.  Every moth that goes by they think "this is it, this is the month I will get pregnant".  With each failing month there positivity and energy dies. By the time they get to IVF they have probably have given up the hope and perseverance.  I am lucky I can skip all the extra tests and questions.  Next time I am wallowing in self pity when another friend announces there pregnancy I need to remember that I have it some what lucky.  Iam also lucky to even have an option.  Forty years ago I wouldn't have had IVF. 
So they finally call my name and i go into the room and all I see is vials and think that can't all be for me.  I sit down and the nurse says "we have alot of blood to take" and then giggles.  Some people have a sick sense of humor.  And then it begins...vial after vial fills and I feel light headed and sick.  Good thing I remembered OJ.  I was going to need it after this vampire nurse was done with me.  After she took what felt like every last ounce of blood she then said "at least you are not here for the vaginal probe ultrasound"giggling again.  I looked at her and said "nope, thats next week". 
So next week I get to have more blood drawn and a vaginal probe ultrasound.  I don't really think that will be a picnic, but thats when I have to be thankful for the "hopeful" outcome!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Any day now

Well any day now I should be starting my next round of tests.  I am happy that I have such a flexible job because it is hard to plan these test early.  I am also considering getting my realtors licence.  I think the schedule would work well with kids. I know it is a feast or famine type of job but I would probably stay part time at US Cellular.  I would like to have everything worked out so it will be less stress when I am actually going through IVF and pregnant.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One test down! Alot to go!

So only one of our test have come back so far.  I got the word today that my pap was normal.  It is horrible to say but I haven't had one since 2006 because of all the bad experiences from that year.  I know it is no excuse, but it is the truth.  I was scared maybe they would find an abnormality or something worse.  So I am happy that the easiest test is starting off right.  I still haven't heard about Nate's test yet.  I don't think it will come back abnormal.  I am a little scared about the hysteroscopy that will be done in a few weeks.  I remember that I has a few polyps but I don't remember where they were located.  Polyps can cause issues with pregnancy.  I really hope that test goes well.

Monday, August 9, 2010


So today I start back on Weight Watchers.  I really did well from January to the beginning of May.  Then the start of summer and I lost track.  Now I have an end goal with a timeline so I am hoping that I can lose at least 30lbs before January.  I really wish the holidays were not right before January but I will make due.  Nate is going to do it with me and I hope he can stay on until December at the latest.  He always seems to get me to eat bad things.  I need more self control.  People think it is funny that iam trying to lose weight just to put it back on.  I have found by talking to alot of woman that are pregnant that you don't have to gain as much as you think.  If you eat right and make smart choices than you can come out of a pregnancy fairly easy.  I am not sure how true that is but I have my hopes high!  So all of you that I see on a fairly regular basis....keep me accountable!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What a day!

It's only noon and already it has been a long day.  I got to work on this nice Saturday to find all the computers are down.  We can still access the Internet but anything we need to do for customers is not working.  They don't know when it will be back up so we have to just help customers the best we can.
 I also have alot of homework and I am trying to find time to finish it all.  I am also a little sad I haven't been able to see the Twilight Eclipse movie.  I have just been so busy!  I hope I can see it before it leaves the theaters!  Well going to go see if we are up and running.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Great News!

So Nate called his insurance and ....... they confirmed that 6 cycles are covered!!!  I am still scared things could go wrong like they say it is a preexisting condition or they change the benefits soon or the test come back bad.  I feel like I did when where were buying a house.  We would jump one hurdle and another would pop up.  I need to keep my stress down and just stay positive.   I have never been excited to get my period but this month I can't wait so I can get the rest of the test out of the way.  I also had found a blog about a woman that did IVF and is due in October.  She used the same doctor and had nothing but great things to say about him.  I am so happy that I found this great clinic.  I wounder if all the clinics would have double checked Nate's insurance.  I said just last week that whatever between IVF or adoption seemed to open the doors I would go that way.  I feel that IVF blew the door wide open so far and I just can't wait to be pregnant and experience the ups and downs!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great News!

So this morning I got a call from Jessica, our nurse.  She had called Nate's insurance company to get his coverage for the semen analysis.  She also checked to see if he had any additional coverage (part of the reason I love this clinic, they take care of everything).  She called me to let me know that Nate's insurance covers 6 CYCLES of IVF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I called Nate didn't have an ID number yet so they just generalize the coverage and they told me it wasn't covered.  So hopefully all goes well and I will be on Nate's insurance January 1st.  I am trying not to get my hopes up too much until we have it in writing. 
So this morning Nate went to have his test and I went and had some test done with Dover Woman's Health.  I met one of the doctors that will hopefully be my OB doctor.  They also have midwives which I have always liked.  I really liked the clinic, the doctor was awesome and made me feel immediately comfortable. 
My next test will start in about 3 weeks depending on my cycle.  So for now I am thinking positive about all this.  If all does well I hope to be pregnant at the beginning of next year!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The start of our Journey to parenthood

So I said as soon as we started IVF or adoption I would start blogging to keep everyone in the loop of this crazy time.  The day has come!  Today was my consultation at the Fertility Centers of New England.  I met with Dr. Hill.  I walked into the clinic and all over the walls were awards that Dr. Hill has received.  That's is always a good sign.  The staff made me feel really comfortable.  The best part of the practice is you see only Dr. Hill and you also only see one nurse.  The only time I might see a different doctor would be during the egg retrieval but other than that I know my care team.  So I got to meet Jessica, my nurse as well.  They are so helpful and friendly there.  So the best part of the consultation was my chances.  We have a few test that we need to do.  I also need to lose about 25 more pounds.  With the test coming back good and me losing the 25 lbs, I have about a 50% chance.  With acupuncture it will boost me to almost 70%!  Normal couples doing it the "fun" way only have a 20% chance in one month.  Dr. Hill said that if everything comes back as good as he feels we can  get pregnant and carry to full term in one shot!!!!  The past week Nate and I have really considered adoption and we are not ruling it out yet, but I am excited to possibly carry a child that Nate and I made.  So the next couple weeks I will be having ALOT of tests but the good news is those are all covered by my insurance.  The clinic already called and got everything in order.  Tomorrow Nate has a "fun" test and I have a not so fun one.  I will post more on those test tomorrow.