Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great News!

So this morning I got a call from Jessica, our nurse.  She had called Nate's insurance company to get his coverage for the semen analysis.  She also checked to see if he had any additional coverage (part of the reason I love this clinic, they take care of everything).  She called me to let me know that Nate's insurance covers 6 CYCLES of IVF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I called Nate didn't have an ID number yet so they just generalize the coverage and they told me it wasn't covered.  So hopefully all goes well and I will be on Nate's insurance January 1st.  I am trying not to get my hopes up too much until we have it in writing. 
So this morning Nate went to have his test and I went and had some test done with Dover Woman's Health.  I met one of the doctors that will hopefully be my OB doctor.  They also have midwives which I have always liked.  I really liked the clinic, the doctor was awesome and made me feel immediately comfortable. 
My next test will start in about 3 weeks depending on my cycle.  So for now I am thinking positive about all this.  If all does well I hope to be pregnant at the beginning of next year!


  1. this is amazing news emily!!!!

  2. Hooray Emily!! That is wonderful news :-)

    ps. Do you think it's weird that my Captcha word is "chesti"?