Monday, August 23, 2010

How much blood can they take?

So this morning and I mean MORNING, I went in for my first set of tests.  I think today was the easiest out of all the test that are coming up.  I had to be up by 5:30am to get to Portmouth by 7.  It was cold, dark and rainy and I just wanted to crawl back into bed. I wont be able to do that when we finally become parents so I should start getting used to it. I also was told I couldn't eat or drink at all.  No coffee at that time of the morning!  Its going to be along couple of hours!  I got to the clinic by 7 and walked into about 10 other woman waiting for various tests.  Sometimes I feel so alone in this journey and I forget many other woman are in the same infertility boat.  While I sat and waited for my turn I looked around and wonder what each woman was there for.  It also dawned on me that I should consider myself lucky.  I know what needs to be done to have a baby, many of these woman might not know.  They start with timed intercourse and then on to fertility drug then IUI and if all else fails they turn to the big gun...IVF.  Every moth that goes by they think "this is it, this is the month I will get pregnant".  With each failing month there positivity and energy dies. By the time they get to IVF they have probably have given up the hope and perseverance.  I am lucky I can skip all the extra tests and questions.  Next time I am wallowing in self pity when another friend announces there pregnancy I need to remember that I have it some what lucky.  Iam also lucky to even have an option.  Forty years ago I wouldn't have had IVF. 
So they finally call my name and i go into the room and all I see is vials and think that can't all be for me.  I sit down and the nurse says "we have alot of blood to take" and then giggles.  Some people have a sick sense of humor.  And then it begins...vial after vial fills and I feel light headed and sick.  Good thing I remembered OJ.  I was going to need it after this vampire nurse was done with me.  After she took what felt like every last ounce of blood she then said "at least you are not here for the vaginal probe ultrasound"giggling again.  I looked at her and said "nope, thats next week". 
So next week I get to have more blood drawn and a vaginal probe ultrasound.  I don't really think that will be a picnic, but thats when I have to be thankful for the "hopeful" outcome!

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