Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Great News!

So Nate called his insurance and ....... they confirmed that 6 cycles are covered!!!  I am still scared things could go wrong like they say it is a preexisting condition or they change the benefits soon or the test come back bad.  I feel like I did when where were buying a house.  We would jump one hurdle and another would pop up.  I need to keep my stress down and just stay positive.   I have never been excited to get my period but this month I can't wait so I can get the rest of the test out of the way.  I also had found a blog about a woman that did IVF and is due in October.  She used the same doctor and had nothing but great things to say about him.  I am so happy that I found this great clinic.  I wounder if all the clinics would have double checked Nate's insurance.  I said just last week that whatever between IVF or adoption seemed to open the doors I would go that way.  I feel that IVF blew the door wide open so far and I just can't wait to be pregnant and experience the ups and downs!!!

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