Thursday, September 2, 2010

What A Week!

So this week so far has been really busy!  On Monday I had to be up early again for more tests.  They took more blood and I had the vaginal probe ultrasound.  It sounds way worse that in really was.  It actually was a very easy test.  I then went home from work early because I think I caught a stomach bug going around.  NOT FUN!  Then on Tuesday I felt better and was invited to go to York beach.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday there.  What beautiful days!!! The ocean felt amazing and it was nice to take a mini vacation!  This morning I had to go back tot he clinic and Dr. Hill went over the actual IVF cycle and what my schedule would look like. So depending on my period I will start birth control (yes I know its weird, but they help control your cycle and produce good eggs) probably in mid December.  Then 19 days after my period starts I take Lupron every morning.  Lupron is an injection drug which means I get to play with some needles.  this is a great site to explain what lupron does exactly  Then when my January period starts I lower my lupron dose and start FSH (Gonad-f) injection at night which is a ovulation stimulating hormone. I also have more blood work and an ultrasound on day one. On day 5 of my period I have more blood.  I still take lupron and FSH and I also add another injection of HGM called Menopor which helps develop multiple eggs.  Then when my follicles hit 18 mm Nate has to give my a big injection to "trigger" ovulation.  Then exactly 36 hours later I go to Reading, MA where the egg harvest happens.  I then call back the next day to see how many eggs have had a successful fertilization.  A few days later they will implant up to 2 eggs.  Then I have to wait 12 days before I have my first blood pregnancy test. From there if it is positive i go back every couple of days for blood and ultrasound.  So that is the basics in a nut shell.  If all goes well I would be due in late October I think.  Next week is my hystroscopy so I am sure I will have more to blog about that.

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