Friday, September 10, 2010

More great news!

Yesterday was my surgical hysteroscopy. It was in Stratham, Nate and I left with 15 min to spare. We had to be up at 4:45 so it was hard to leave earlier. We started on our way and I put the address in to our garmin. It said no address found. Great, i thought I didnt bring the directions because I didn't think I needed them. I guess I rely to much on technologes. So i tried calling the clinic and of course at 5:20 am at this point no one was there. So i tried mapquest on Nates phone. I found the directions and we were on our way. We get to Stratum and clearly the mapquest directions were wrong, after driving around for 10 min. Nate and I were getting frustrated with the directions and each other. We finally got ahold of the clinic and found our way 10 min late. I learned a couple lessons yesterday. Always bring the paper directions even if you have a GPS!  Also leave 20-30 min early if you don't know where you are going. 
So I get ready for the surgery.   Nate finally gets to meet Dr. Hill!  He is one of the best doctors I have had or worked with.  He explains everything and makes sure you understand everything.  The surgery didn't take very long and i was waking up to alot of pain!!!  They gave me something for the pain which made me nauseous.  So they gave me something for that as well.  Dr. Hill had gone out and gave Nate  some pictures and explained everything look really good. I also had no polyps which is great.  I remember at my last ectopic surgery I had quite a few and that is not ideal for pregnancy.  So I was happy to hear that my uterus is clear and ready for babies!  I spent the rest of the day sleeping with my heating pad.  Today I still have my heating pad on and have alot of pain but it should get better as the day goes on. 

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