Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow up appointment

Yesterday was our follow up appointment with Dr. Hill.  The good news is I am ready for IVF as far as my test are concerned.   The bad news is we can't start anything until January which means the egg retrieval will not happen until February.  I am disappointed a little just because January seems so far and as most of you know I am very IMPATIENT!    I need to stay positive and think that at least I have an option and insurance will cover it.  I just get nervous that something will change and we won't be able to start IVF. 
On a good note I get to start something I have wanted to start for a long time.....Acupuncture!!!!!!!!!  I am sooo excited!  The fertility clinic works with an acupuncture clinic in the same plaza.  they specialize in fertility acupuncture.  I met with Adam the acupuncturist yesterday.  he told me to start now because the follicles that are growing now will be the ones I was have when I start IVF.  It takes up to 5 months to grow follicles.  So next week I have my first appointment.  After that we will come up with a game plan to continue acupuncture right up until IVF.  I have a minimum of 20lbs still to lose.  So that's all for now.

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