Monday, March 11, 2013

We Failed:(

So we had our early intervention screening today and we failed miserably:(  They had to score a 35 or higher.  The scored a 10.  They also failed social as well.  So our next step it to have an evaluation done and see what we are really looking at. Since their appointment last week I have been really trying to work with them in developing language.  They are not catching on.  Although they can usually point to their eyes, ears, nose and mouth now:) 
I am also trying to get Aria to not wake up and want a bottle at night.  I know this should have been cut awhile ago but I am weak.  We also are changing their bedtime from 6:30 (yes it is early but it worked for us) to 7:30.  That has been hard even with the time change. 
I guess that's it for now...the 3 hour finale of the Bacholor is on!

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