Monday, May 23, 2011

What a day!

Not a dull moment in the sweet peas lives!  This morning I got a call from my OB that all my test came back great except for one...I have a UTI.  So I had to pick up a prescription.  When I went to Hannafords to pick up my medicine they had fresh thawed turkeys and I thought I'll make a turkey dinner.  I love a good turkey dinner! So I bought all the stuff and went home.  I realized I forgot the pan in the car so I threw on my flip flops and went out to get it.  We have a deck off of our kitchen and there are about 12 steps down to the driveway.  I got to the 3rd step from the top and slipped and fell down 8 of the steps!  It took my breath away and hurt really bad.  So I freaked out and called my OB and they wanted to see me immediately.  So I had to forget the turkey dinner :(  and rushed down to my OB.  Thank god the babies are ok!  Baby A was defiantly not waving at me today, she ( I think Baby A is a girl) was ignoring us.  Baby B however was showing his( I think Baby B is a boy) discontent but moving around like a mexican jumping bean, but everything looked fine.   Then they sent me to the ER because I slammed my arm on the stairs.  They checked me out and I am fine.  So now I am home relaxing and waiting for the Bacholorette to start.  I wish we could get through a few weeks without a catastrophe!  I am just happy they are OK.

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