Friday, February 10, 2012

A full week of crazy!

So this week I didn't make plans to go anywhere.  I wanted to work on a daytime schedule and do one full week of cloth diapering Aria.  It was crazy for some reason.  It is now Friday night and they still don't have a daily scheduled.  However they are going down at night really well.  Tonight they went down instantly.  This leaves me time to do what I want to at night although I should go to bed with them. 
The cloth diapering went well.  I am still getting use to it but we only use 8 disposable diapers this week for Aria.  I don't cloth diaper at night for now.   I also don;t cloth diaper when we go out because that is requires a lot more preparation and I am still in survival mode. 
As for the night it has been interesting!  Some nights one of the girls will sleep 7 hours straight but the other will do 3 or 4!  The girls are now 10 weeks old and I am still up at least every 3 hours.  Last night I was up every hour!  I think they are going through a growth spurt. 
The biggest news for me is I have been pumping and feeding the girls almost all breast milk for 10 weeks!  We do supplement formula right before they go to bed due to Olivia's low weight gain but the majority of their feedings is breast milk!  I HATE pumping!  It is such a pain but I do it for my girls!  Even the girls pediatrician is shocked I have lasted this long.  It is really hard to do when I am home alone with them but I find a way.  I feel it is one of my greatest accomplishments so far.  I take it day by day and my goal for now is 6 months.  I am really hoping for a year but we will see how it goes. 
Anyway I am exhausted and need to go to bed.  Sorry this post is all over the place I am just to tired to put all my thoughts in order.

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