Sunday, June 2, 2013

Must Haves for Us 12-18 month

So I keeping with the tradition of the must haves that worked for us I thought I should do a 12-18 month post. I have no idea if anyone reads these list or even cares but it is fun to look back on as time flies! So on to the list.

1. Baby Signing Time or Signing Time DVDs -  These are super annoying and the songs get in your head for hours but THEY WORK!  Liv can sign so many things I can't keep up and Aria is right behind her.  They still don't talk much so this helps A LOT!!!!!

2.  Riding Toys-  The girls LOVE anything they can "Drive" or ride!

4.  Books- They love to be read to or just sit on their bean bags and read to themselves

5.  Blocks and Shape Sorters-  They get frustrated easily with them but when I sit down and help them they love it.

6. Hide and Squeak Eggs-  These are not something I would have purchased but my mom sent them as a Christmas gift and they LOVE them!!!

7. Water Table-  My friend gave us her water table and it is a huge hit.  It also hold an umbrella which is good!

8.  Rash Guard Long Sleeve Swimsuits-  Less sunscreen=good!

I guess that is all I can think of for now

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