Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Month Appointment and back on the weight train

The girls had their 12 month check up last week.  It went well minus the weight issue.  We obviously have gone to a new practice since we now live 15 hours away from our old one.  They were not as happy as I was with the fact that Liv is still on the percentile chart for weight.  They also feel Aria's weight is a little concerning.  Aria weighed in at 18lbs and is, I think in the 15th percentile and Liv weighed in at 16 lbs which puts her in the 1%.  So now I need to add as much calories as possible to what they eat.  I understand what they are saying but they are just small and I really don't want to add a ton of butter on to everything they eat.  I am trying really hard to give them well balanced and healthy meals as much as possible.  I have added whole milk and cheese to their eggs and they eat whatever we eat usually for dinner.  Lunch is usually a mix of leftovers or grill cheese.  Liv eats a lot now and loves everything.  Aria is more on the picky side but still eats well.  Part of me feels like they are perfect.  They eat well and are very active.  If it was a struggle to feed them everyday like it use to be for Liv I would totally be on board.  I just feel  deep down they are fine and I really don't want to load them down with a ton of butter and oil.  I guess I need to do more research and figure out what is best for us.  Hopefully soon I will post 1st birthday pictures:)  It went well and I am glad I did it.  I know they will not remember it but I will and for years I always wondered if I would get to throw my child a birthday party.  I am sure all infertile's can relate to that.

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