Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So little time!

I  have never been so busy in my life!! Between taking care of the girls and taking care of the house I never have time to get everything done.  However I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a stay at home mom!
Anyway, we went to the doctors today and Aria is a huge 9lbs 2oz.  She is growing well and really strong.  She has great neck and head control and is smiling all the time.  Then we got to my little Livy lou.  She has gained weight, she is 7lbs 3oz. The doctor is pleased she has gained but it is not enough.  She was in the 1.89%tile for weight a week and a half ago and today she is in the 1.06%tile.  So they scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday to take a look at her stomach.  So I am hoping we can figure out whats going on.    Livy is just starting to really interact and smile.  Her head and neck control isn't as strong as her sister but that is normal in twins.  Things are better in terms of the endless crying, the girls have been on Zantec for awhile and that seems to be helping things.  We still have our hard days but I am learning everyday how to be not only a mom but a twin mom.  I am loving every minute of it!  That is about all the time I have now for an update.  I am going to try to be better at updating.

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