Saturday, January 7, 2012

Busy past couple of weeks!

What a whirl wind of activities the past couple of weeks.  The girls have had a lot of first.  We went to Christmas at my moms and we all spent the night.  The girls have also been to 2 restaurants, a museum and a different state. We also had Nate's sister and family come to stay with us for the week after Christmas.  It was awesome to have all my meals prepared for me and served as well as 2 nights baby free.  It was nice having a night to myself but also knowing my girls were just in the living room.
This past week was the first week Nate went back to work.  Thank god I had a lot of help.  On Friday I decided to try to handle the girls by myself.  It wasn't bad, but they were unusual nonfussy so I don't know if it was just a fluke or they knew I was by myself and cut me a break.  We also had a doctors appointment yesterday and found out the girls have reflux which is half their fussiness problem.  We also found that Aria is growing great but Livy seems to have slowed down the growing.  She is only 1.89% for weight so we need to go back next week and keep an eye on her.  So this update is about all I have time for at the minute.  I can't believe the girls are already 5 weeks!  Time is flying by!

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