Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy busy!

It has been crazy busy since I last posted.  We have had so much going on.  The first big thing is Livy!  We have been to Children's in Boston for appointments and a swallow study.  We have found that she doesn't swallow correctly.  She uses a slow nipple and gets mad because it is not fast enough for her and she also takes in so much air which causes gas.  If we have her use a slow nipple the food goes into her lungs which obviously isn't fun.  So for right now I have to thicken everything she eats.  We have an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat specialist but they couldn't get us in until May 14th.  So for mow we just have to thicken everything.  There could be a few reasons for her issues.  The first is anatomical.  They said sometimes the throat doesn't develop properly and most likely would end up being surgical.  The second is neurological.  It could range from physical therapy to god knows what.  So I am really nervous!
The second big thing is the girls slept in their own room in separate cribs last night.  It went well but they were really cranky today and wouldn't nap.  I am a little nervous about how tonight will go but I am hoping for the best.  It is a transition that needed to happen!  they can't sleep in a co sleeper next to me forever!
The third thing is the girls are going to a chiropractor.  I figure what can it hurt and maybe it will help them relax and not be so fussy 24/7.  They had their first appointment yesterday and we are following up tomorrow.  I am hoping it will at least help.
Well that's about it for now and about all the time I have atm.  Hope I can update more often.

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