Friday, March 9, 2012

It's been a crazy ride so far!

It has been awhile since I posted!  We have been going through some stuff with my girls and haven't had a chance to really sit down and blog.  So the girls are 3 month old and are smiling and starting to giggle!  I LOVE it.  However they are still up every 2.5 to 3hrs.  Livy my little peanut is having some issues with feeding.  Last Saturday I went out with my friend Abby for some much needed adult time.  Nate called me freaking out because Livy  wouldn't eat and at this point being 3pm had only had 3oz for the day.  Every time he would try and feed her she would scream.  She has always had issues feeding but it has slowly gotten worse.  We called the pediatrician and he said put her on Similac  Alimentum formula and see how she does.  She did great the rest of Saturday and Sunday.  She ate 24 oz on Sunday and we thought it must be a milk protein allergy.  Then Monday hit and she had a few bad feedings and it has been that way since.  So we are now at a loss.  We met with our pedi and showed him a video of Livy eating.  He saw it and immediately said we need to see a specialist!  We ended up getting referred to Dartmouth but I asked if we could go to Children's Hospital in Boston since it is ranked in the top 3 in the world.  So we headed to Boston today.  We met with a GI specialist and he ordered a barium swallow test.  He also is having us meet with a feeding therapist and both Livy and I will meet with a nutritionist.  We all feel she needs to be on breast milk and a nutritionist will help me cut out all dairy and soy.  So we go back to Boston on the 26th for the swallow test.  My instincts tell me its an allergy and if all test come back normal he will probably refer us to an allergist.  I have to admit I might request one at Dartmouth because driving home from Boston was crazy!  It took us 3.5 hours just to get home!  Although I will research and see who is the best and if it is Boston then an extra hour in the car is worth it! On a happier note here are some photos.

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