Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wow how life changes in just a few weeks!

Wow........ is all I can really say after the whirlwind of the past few weeks.  First, the girls and I took a trip to the ocean.  They really didn't know what to think of it.  Liv was content to sit on the shore and eating muddy sand.  Aria seemed to love the movement of the waves.
At the end of July Livy popped out 2 teeth!  Aria is working on it but hers seem to be taking there sweet time which is making her cranky and me crazy!
The first week in August I took the girls to Lake Sacandaga in NY for a week with my family.  It was a lot of fun and a few first happened for Livy.  She crawled!!!!  She also is trying to go from sitting to standing!    Aria seems to just be happy sitting for now.  So life around here is changing!  Baby proofing is a must now!
That isn't all that been happening....We are MOVING!  We are moving from the great state of New Hampshire to the midwest state of Ohio!  Nate got offered an amazing job opportunity and after a lot of thinking and praying we decided it was the best place for us to be!  So Nate will move him and our stuff to Ohio in 2 weeks and the girls and I will head to my mom's in Southern NH for another 2  weeks until after my grandparents funerals.  Then Nate will fly back and we all will drive out together.  Nate's older sister and her family live in Ohio and just bought a bigger house and so we will move into their current house.  It will be soooo nice to have more room especially with the girls becoming more mobile!  The next 2 weeks will be so hectic and crazy and I hope the girls do ok.  I am a little nervous because I have never lived in a different state for more than a month and it was only Massachusetts.  This is completely out of New England!  So that is all the big news in our lives for now!  Here is a picture of our soon to be new house!

My sister in law has beautiful gardens.  I hope she can teach me a thing or two!


  1. Where in Ohio are you moving? I was born and raised there. We moved to SC 7 years ago. At least you will have family near. Happy packing!

  2. Mansfield:) If you have any cool places we should visit let us know:)