Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things I love about our new town!

A few reasons why I am LOVING Ohio...
1.  $5 pizza from Little Ceasars (has saved us a few times from cooking!) 
2. $1.77 per lb of boneless skinless chicken breast!!!
3.  The house across the street from us is in great livable condition for sale for $27,500! 
4. Aldi's (love the prices of cheese, milk and spaghetti sauce!)
5.  Target is like 5 minutes away (instead of 40-50 minutes!)
6.  The street I live on is adorable.  Kids playing in the street and 2 cops live 2 houses away(i feel safe)
7.  More ROOM!  I love living in a house again
8.  The people I have met are really nice (not that they weren't nice in NH but it's nice to feel welcomed here)
9.  So many parks within walking distance or just a short drive
10.  My mail comes right to my door and if I have to ship something they pick it up. I know that might sound weird but if you have young kids I am sure you understand!

A few reasons I miss NH....
1.  My friends and family (it's nice having family here as well I just wish NH wasn't so far)
2.  The lakes....It's not even summer but I miss driving and seeing water
3.  The view from our condo...revert back to #2
4.  Knowing where everything is and the back roads to where ever
5.  Friends and Family I am saying it again.  Last night I had a bit of homesickness.  I received some exciting news from a good friend and it made me stop and think everyone is moving on with out me.  I know that sounds diva like and stupid.  I know that people don't just pause their life for me but it just makes me feel how far I am now.  I use to being involved with my friends lives and now I sometimes feel like I am on the sidelines and if you know me personally I am not a sideline type of girl.  I know my family is prepping their Thanksgiving plans and it makes me sad that we will miss it.  Don't even get me started about the girls first birthday.  I am sure I will be a crying mess on that day for many reasons. 
I guess thats all for now.  Can't wait to post Halloween pics of the girls in their costumes:)

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