Friday, October 12, 2012

OMG we made it!!!

Wow, we have been super crazy busy since we arrived in Ohio!  Unpacking, getting the girls back in their schedules and figuring out how to get to the supermarket with out a GPS!  In the middle of all this craziness the girls turned 10 months and Aria finally crawled!  Well I wouldn't call it a crawl so much as a slide kind of.  I will try to post a video because it is hysterical!  We also went apple picking and pumpkin picking for the first time.  We are slowing adjusting to our new life and LOVE having more room.  I also love having a ton of stores just a few miles away.  There are a lot of stores that I have never heard of here but have fallen in love with.   There are also a lot of stores I am dying to go in and explore but haven't had the time to yet.  We have been busy this week preparing for my 7 year old niece's birthday.   I am excited we finally get to celebrate with this part of our family.
Miss Liv

Aria getting mad that we keep taking the apple because of the bee's!

Liv loving the apple

10 months!

Liv deciding to push aria down and grab her sticker!

Miss Aria

 I have also been thinking about the big 1!!!  I can't believe the girls birthday is coming up!  I think I have nailed it down to a Winter ONEderland theme!  Pink, silver and white with glitter!  I think it will be a hard day for a few reasons.  The first being my girls are growing so fast and it makes me sad:(  The second is I know I am really going to miss friends and family on that day!  I know my family especially will be sad to miss it.  We have come such a long way and it will be sad to not have most of our support system for that big day.  I will be glad to have the family we have here to help us celebrate.  Anyway, I will end with some pictures and hopefully a video.

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