Saturday, December 14, 2013

Long time no see!

Wow, I haven't blogged in a looonng time!!! A lot has happened!  We moved to a bigger house. We are about 2 weeks away of getting our license to be a foster home! The girls tuned 2! What made me blog today happened at 6:45am. I know I have posted about things we couldn't live without in previous post but this is what I WISH I HAD!!! I woke up to the girls crying.  It was Nate's turn to wake up with them and he got up and put them back to bed.  I was not happy because I was scared they would fall back to sleep after 7 and then nap time would be a nightmare!  Oh yeah, I should back up. We moved the girls to toddler beds a little over a month ago.  The first week I literally had to sit outside their bedroom door and go in every few minutes and put them back in their bed!  It got better the second week and we had it down pat by the 3rd week.  Fast forward to this week...NIGHTMARE!  I have no idea how they regressed but one day I actually had to sit in their room for both nap time and bedtime. The days we had major issues I noticed the girls slept in until a little after 8am.  I wasn't complaining at the time trust me but I need the break during their nap time!  So Thursday I woke the girls up at 7:30.  Nap time went a little better.  Yesterday they woke up at 7:30 and nap time went much better! All that to bring me to this morning. 
I told Nate he needed to wake them up around 7:30.  Main reason...He was going to be gone most of the afternoon and I didn't want to fight with them at nap time.  I was in and out of sleep until 8 am praying they were not sleeping and just playing quietly.  Every time I woke up I wished I had a video monitor instead of just the sound one.  This isn't the first or even the 10th time I have wished I had a video monitor!  This is my biggest regret and every time I think I should just bite the bullet and get one I talk myself out of it.  I always think that at this point it might be a waste because how much longer do they really need a monitor? 
I remember when we did our baby registry I glanced at the video monitor but saw the price and thought they were one of those pointless waste of money items.  Although, I did consider the angel care monitors because I was paranoid of SIDS.   I guess at the time I figure I couldn't see the girls actually breathing on the video monitor so what was the point!  BIG MISTAKE!
The first time I wished for it was when the girls were about 5 months.  I want to see if the girls were napping and they were such light sleepers opening the door usually woke them up.  Then when we moved to Ohio and they had regular am and pm naps.  They would laugh hysterically at each other and I wanted to see their shenanigans!  Now that they are in toddler beds I have wished for it even more! 
So the piont of this super long drawn out post is...if you are expecting, get the video monitor!  If you are expecting twins or more..GET THE VIDEO MONITOR!!!!! I still might get it if I can find a deal.  This is my one regret!

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