Monday, June 13, 2011

Second Trimester!

Nursery I Love!
Baby A just relaxing

Both babies, Baby B is very blurry

Baby B getting ready to suck its thumb
I have finally entered the second trimester.  Some pregnancy books say 12 weeks is the end of the first and some say 13 is, so I am taking the latest so I know I defiantly made it!  With entering the second trimester I have been thinking a lot more about nursery ideas and I came across a picture I absolutely love!!  I figure if it is a girl and a boy maybe I can do this on one side of the nursery and on the other side do a boys version of the tree like a blue or green background and white flowers.  The walls that do not have a tree can be a neutral color.  Everyone except for a few people think I am having a boy and a girl and I have even had dreams about a boy and a girl.  So with that feeling I am having the hardest time finding boy/girl nursery ideas.  If it's 2 girls well for me that is easy.  2 boys will be a little more difficult for me since I can't really do pink! So I am hoping we can find out the genders soon! 

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