Monday, June 27, 2011

1/2 the piece of the puzzle!

Today started out like most days...crampy!  Then the cramps turned into pain so I called my doctor and they wanted me to go see them.  I was working in Tilton so it would have taken me an hour and a half to get down to Dover so they had me go to the nearest ER to rule out preterm labor!  Thank God it wasn't preterm labor.  I just really overstressed my uterus due to a rough day at work yesterday.  I didn't expect and ultrasound so when they said I would be getting one I was happy!  I am slightly addicted to ultrasounds!  Any chance to see the babies is exciting!  When we started the ultrasonographer said she knew what gender Baby A was but Baby B was not a cooperative!  We tried everything to get him/her to move....nothing!  So I have half the puzzle solved.


BABY A!!!!!! This is a greeting card but I feel it fits my little diva...This link brings you to the card and you can scroll over the words to actually read them

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