Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally some belly shots

I am still on modified bed rest until Sept 6th and then I go back to my OB and see where we are at.  I am feeling better this week and have some medicine to help the contracting.  Obviously if the medicine doesn't work at any point then I need to call my OB.  I haven't tried it yet because I prefer taking as little medication as possible.  At least now I know how scary preterm contractions can be so I don't freak out as much.
I have been feeling the girls move a lot now and the only time it is uncomfortable is when they kick my bladder!  Tonight they both think it is fun to do it together!  Sometimes it takes my breath away but any chance to feel them is a good time!  Olivia in the past few weeks had decided to get as close to Aria as possible so the right side of my stomach seems bigger then my left and my belly button is never in the middle of my stomach like it use to be.  On a quick ultrasound 2 weeks ago she was pushing herself as far over in Aria's space which resulted in Aria hitting her!  It's cute that they are close.
I was able to get some 24 and a half week belly shots using my 30th birthday present from Nate!  Its a Nikon Coolpix L120!  I love it and takes great photos.  

25 1/2 weeks!