Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think I have had enough fun for one day!

I came home from work last night in extreme pain...nothing new. After about an hour I started to feel contractions.  So I rested and went to sleep.  This morning I work up just feeling sore as usual and when I uses the restroom...TMI ALERT...  I saw part of my mucous plug.  So freaking out I called my doctor.  I got the on call doctor that told me if there is no blood with it that is a good sign so I needed to be on bedrest.  If things changed I needed to call her.  So I parked myself on the couch until about 2pm when the bachelor party my husband was throwing made its way to our house. So I was exiled to my bedroom with my laptop.  In the process I started contracting again which of course made me nervous but it was so irregular I knew it wasn't the real deal.  About an hour later my vision started to go haywire.  I had bright rainbow streaks running though my left eye.  Another reason for me to freak out.  So after some research I found out it was an ocular migraine and it went away after 45 min.  This pregnancy has to be the most eventful and crazy.  I have no idea what is going to happen next but I wish I could have a doctor live with me for the remainder of this pregnancy. 

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