Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The girls!

I went in for my anatomy scan yesterday and boy did Nate and I get the surprise of a lifetime.  We thought for sure we were having a boy and a girl.  I was so sure I even put boy stuff on my registry and stressed about boy names.  The ultrasongrapher confirmed A was a girl so  45 min we checked her out.  She is right on track and doing perfectly for 20 weeks!  We saw the spine, heart, brain, bladder, kidneys and girl parts.  The whole time we were in awe over what we could see on the ultrasound but were dying to get to B.  I actually wasn't so anxious because I felt I already knew what they were going to tell me but Nate was very anxious.  I blame my confidence on my mother!  She was convinced at the transfer I would have twins and they would be a boy and a girl and every time I talked to her she would say its a boy and a girl and she felt she was right so I guess I started believing her because she was right about the twins.  So we finally got to B and she looked at us and said you are having 2 girls!  I wish I had a video camera of Nate's face!  Most guys are a little disappointed not to get a boy to play sports with or do boy things with.  Nate isn't disappointed he is downright scared!  His first thought is how do I make my daughters know their worth and have good self esteem and be strong woman!  He is scared about when boys come around and if he should buy a shot gun or a sniper rifle!  Yesterday really made me appreciate the kind of man I married!  I know they will wrap him around their fingers the minute they are born but I know for a fact he will be a great dad to daughters!  I think he knows his world will be even more pink than it already is and he will love every minute of it.  We had a talk last night about how we treat each other.  Not that we fight a lot but every couple has their disagreements.  He wants to make sure he sets a good example of how a man should treat his wife and how a wife should treat her husband.  Then he said to me point blank last night he just wants the very best for them and wants to make sure he is providing everything they need emotionally!  Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky! 
The ultrasound pictures are glossier than normal so it was had to take a pic of them so I got a few.

Baby Girl A

Their 2 heads are together!

Baby girl B

Baby girl B
  Oh and for the names.......

                         Baby A:    Aria (Arya) Ann   (we are disagreeing about the spelling)
                         Baby B:    Olivia Jean
The middle name Ann is my mothers middle name and the middle name Jean is Nate's moms middle name.

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