Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, Got Some Answers..... Good and Bad

I saw my new Ob on Monday and gave him the history of the pregnancy so far.  After a few minutes of explaining the pain issue he said he knew what it was!  He had done the surgery for my first ectopic pregnancy.  He said after 3 laprascopic surgeries I have a lot of scar tissue at the base of my uterus and when it stretches or I am up and down and moving it pulls and stretches that scar tissue which causes a lot of pain. Plus a twin pregnancy can really cause more stretching and pulling which results in a ton of pain!  It is so nice to figure out what the heck is wrong with me!  For a while I was wondering if I was going crazy or if I was just being a big baby.  He said that it's defiantly not in my head and the pain is very real and although he can't say from personal experience but the patients he treats with just one baby and only one surgery complain of a lot of pain, so my situation is very painful.  I also kept my follow up appointment with my old OB Julie today.  They took my blood pressure and it was very high so they took it on my other arm and it was just as high.  So I have to do some unpleasant test and have it checked next Tuesday.  If it is still high I will have to go on bed rest.  To be honest I feel that work is contributing to the high blood pressure.  Some very upsetting things have happened and although some have been resolved it still is weighing on me so much that I really didn't sleep last night.  The past few days have been one big emotional roller coaster and I am praying that things will all work out.  So somethings are still unanswered but at least I know I am not going crazy and the pain isn't round ligament pain like the dumb midwives were trying to convince me of.  I hope to have some more answers next week.

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