Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy couple of weeks!

It's been awhile since I last posted.  I have been busy and didn't really have much to post about.  I was going to do a baby shower post but I am waiting for pictures from a friend.  I can say it was amazing!  So hopefully that will be my next post.  I know in my last post I said we found a condo which is great but we still don't know if we are moving this weekend or next which frustrates me because I can't set up help or a uhaul until we know so yet again I am waiting.  The other issue that is bothering me is our cats.  We can't take them unfortunately and every place that had a washer/dryer hookup that would work for us doesn't allow pets.  So we have asked friends and even called the local humane society.  No one can take them.  I have an add on Craigslist and my cousin is checking some options.  We are going to try other humane societies but I want them to go somewhere together at least for a little while.  I get to emotional talking about it and can't make calls because usually I cry a lot so Nate has had to do the majority of the work which can be hard because he works.  So I am hoping that we can figure out the cat thing soon and it is a good option. 

On a happier note I got to see my girls today!  They were very rambunctious and as usual didn't cooperate so it took longer than usual.  Olivia is still trying to be in Aria's space.  The bad news is Aria is the "presenting" twin meaning she will come out first but she is very breech.  Her bottom is where here head should be.  Olivia is head down which is good but measuring bigger than Aria which is weird because Aria has measured bigger at all the other ultrasounds.  They said that can happen though.  So we have ourselves a little predicament. This can go one of three ways and 2 of the 3 ways end up in a c section.  The first is they stay where they are which would be an absolute c section.   The second way is Aria flips and becomes head down and Olivia flips back around to breech.  That would 99% end up in a c section because they need Olivia to be smaller than Aria for a breech delivery but she may be able to be flipped once Aria is out.  The 3rd way is what I am praying for which would be Aria flips and Olivia stays put.  If I remember correctly Aria has about 2 weeks from now to flip due to the room in my uterus but I will be talking to my OB more next week.  The odds are against a vaginal birth but so where my odds of having one baby let alone two so I am optimistic. 
I did find the girls coming home outfits finally.  I was having trouble finding preemie size outfits that I liked for that "special" outfit but i finally did.  The babies are a little under 3lbs as of now and they don't expect them to get much more than 5lbs at delivery so preemie sizes are a must. I liked the fact the outfits' pattern matched but they are different outfits. I can't believe I am at 30 weeks and hopefully will be meeting them in 7 weeks!  I would be ok at a 35 week delivery but not any sooner so I praying for a vaginal birth at 37 weeks!!

Miss Aria Ann

Aria again

Miss Olivia looking at us

Olivia not wanting to give a profile

And still the only shot of them together...The double heads!

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