Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are we crazy?

So when the girls were 3 weeks old my sister in law and her family came to NH form OH for the week to help out.  We decided then that in the summer we would drive to OH and visit them.  Now thinking of driving 14 hours with 3 week old twins seemed easy.  They sleep most of the way and I could hope in the back to feed them and when we stopped for breaks I could change them.  Seemed easy enough.  Well I didn't really think at the time what almost 7 month old twins would be like.  Now we are T minus 3 days until our trip to OH and I am wondering if we are crazy!  The girls need a lot more than a couple stops to be changed now.  They need to be entertained and they down't sleep in the car all the time.  So we decided to leave Friday and drive to NY and stay with my sister and her family for the night.  That shaves almost 5 hours off the trip.  Then leave NY at around 3 am to head to OH.  I am hoping they sleep at least until 7 or 7:30 and then we only have to worry about entertaining them for a few hours before nap time and hopefully will in OH early enough so they can kind of pick back up on their schedule.  We considered leaving at 7pm and driving through the night while the girls slept but decided against that since with the car seats the passengers seat doesn't go back.
The other crazy factor is packing!  These kids come with a lot of stuff!!  I don't want to over pack and feel like sardines in a can driving there but I also don't want to under pack because I still would like to make my life as easy as possible while we are there.  I also think if we have familiar toys and things the girls might adjust quicker.  Nate thought for a minute that we should take our Honda Civic because it is a hybrid instead of our Ford Explorer.  I looked at him like he had 5 heads and probably told him that was the dumbest idea or something like that.  He has NO IDEA how much stuff we actually need!  He thinks we can get away with packing minimally.  He is such a guy!  I need to actually take notice of the things we use everyday and ask myself if it would be a lot hardere if we didn't have whatever I am using at the time.  Case in point.....the bouncy seats.  Nate seems to think we don't need them but the girls are still not great sitters and I use the bouncy seats all the time.  My life would be sooooo hard with out them especially since Liv is rolling around everywhere.  I can at least secure her in the seat and know she will still be there when I come back from the rest room or laundry room.  I don't want to expect everyone to hold babies all day and I think they might like to relax in their own seats at times.   So I think I will veto his no on this one.    Hopefully we all survive this trip!!  I am sure I will have some interesting blog post about it!  We will be staying with my sister in law,  my brother in law and their 3 kids. My other sister in law Danielle will be coming as well so that make a total of 5 adults and 5 kids in one house!  At least we are not outnumbered by kids!  As nervous as I am  about how the girls will do, I am also super excited to see everyone.  Danielle hasn't met the girls yet and Aria looks sooo much like her.
 I think it will be such a great trip and I am hoping I will learn I can do crazy things like drive 14 hours with twins and come out on the other side:)  I have made it this far...I can't believe the girls will turn 7 months while we are out there!!! Things are getting so much better with the girls as the days go on.  I don't feel like I am in survival mode 24/7.  We actually have good days when I don't want to rip my hair out!  They are more interactive and are in such a cute stage!  I get so excited about the next stage they will hit I have to stop myself and enjoy every moment because it is flying by! Well off to make some packing lists!

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