Saturday, December 11, 2010

The bachelorette Party that finally happened!

Tonight I got together with a great group of girls.  A lot of us girls never actually got a bachelorette party so we decided just because we are married and some of us that are not doesn't mean we cant have a great girls night out.  I have always wanted to make wine and Vintners Cellar in Concord lets you do a wine tasting and then make a batch of wine.  We also get to make our own labels!  First we went to Your Fired and painted pottery.  It was so relaxing and fun.  The staff was super nice and made us hot chocolate and tea!  We didn't have much time before we had to be at the winery so we just grabbed a pizza.  Then we got to taste great wine.  We decided to make Green Apple Riesling.  I haven't decide what my label will be yet.  The only problem is we only have a 2 day window if we want to watch our wine be bottled and I think that the timing will be a problem for me since I will hopefully be "ovary" deep into the IVF process.  Regardless, we had a great night and hope to do this every couple of months!  I am sooo thankful to have such a great group of friend and night like this remind me of how lucky I am.  Everyone that came tonight means a lot to me and I value their friendship!

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  1. GIANT ditto! it was so much fun! and it was great to see everyone together and catch up before the end of the year!!!