Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Great Doctors Appointment!

Tuesday Nate and went to see Dr. Hill for our consult before my IVF cycle begins.  I need to restate how much I love that clinic.  Everyone is soo friendly and helpful!  I will also be buying a copy of January 2011 issue of Cosmo magazine because Dr. Hill is being featured in it!!!!!  We sat down with Dr. Hill and went over how the next few weeks look.  I can't believe how close we are to this dream.  He is so positive and makes me feel like I can do this! I really do feel like we will only need one try.   We also sat down with my nurse Jessica to talk about the medications.  They even order everything.  Once I receive all the injections I can see her to go over everything and also label what I need to do.  She wanted to make sure this was as easy as possible for me.  She gave me a site to review in preparation for the injections.  I thought I was prepared for them but seeing the size of the needles really made me nervous!!  Some are not bad at all but some are HUGE!  I know i will do what I need to do but it is very intimidating.  So my cycle is suppose to start January 16th.  That when I start the "prep" work.  I start birth control.  Dr. Hill told me that one of the biggest reason to start with birth control is it reduced the risk of a miscarriage  by 5%.  That fact was really interesting to me.  Honestly I can't remember why he said it did but he is defiantly the expert.  If everything is on time I then start the injections on February 1st.  I just can't wait!!!
So the waiting game for the next few weeks is going to be tough.  I have some plans to keep me busy.  Tomorrow night -New Years I am going to a formal dinner and dancing with my wonderful husband and our good friend Helen, Jason, Sarah and my awesome cousin Nicole and her husband Joe!! Picture to come on that.  The next week I am staying in Portland, ME for the whole week to help out there stores.  I love going to other stores it make me feel refreshed and put me back on my A game.  I also LOVE Maine.  After that it leaves me with one week and I am hoping to get my medication that week so I can see Jessica to go over everything.  I have never want that time of the month to come soooo quickly.  Once I start the injections I am sure I will have a ton to blog about .  I hope everyone has a great and safe New years!!!

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