Saturday, December 17, 2011

The twin conspiracy!!

Being only 2 weeks old I never thought my girls would start to conspire against me until way later in life but that must have been wishful thinking!  I also thought the way they slept for the first 5 days would be all I was in for.  they would eat every 3 hours and then sleep soundly until the next feeding.  I thought to myself this wasn't that hard! Boy was I dumb and a new mom!  So some examples of the great twin conspiracy.  Lately only at night Olivia has been very cranky in between feedings which leaves me with about a total of 2 hours of sleep from 10pm-10am.  She doesn't want to wait 3 hours before her next meal she wants it every 2 or 2and half hours.  Aria on those night would sleep very soundly and I would have to wake her up to eat.  well the past 2 nights Olivia apparently had enough of this and wanted a good night sleep so Aria decided it was her turn to eat every 2 hours and cry in between feedings while her sister slept nice and cozy for the first time in days!  Occasionally they would throw me a curve ball and they would both cry.  I am convinced they wanted to see who would get tended to first! I wish they could go back to sleeping in between feedings!  Oh and I forgot to mention as soon as 2am hits until at least 9am my husband turns into a zombie and can't function!  He is completely useless to me so I am on my own for most of the night feedings and after feeding and changing 2 babies I then have to pump their next meal.  It usually takes me an hour to an hour and a half.  Although last night I got it down to 40 minutes by feeding both babies and pumping at the same time.  My multitasking skills should be in the Olympics!  Another example of their conspiracy is they will spit out their pacifiers every couple of minutes.  Yes we use pacifiers!  You can tell me all the bad tings about them but we are in survival mode in this house and that includes pacifiers.  Anyway, they don't spit them out together because that wouldn't be fun.  One will spit it out and cry so I will get up or stop what I am trying to get done to pop it back in their mouths.  Then I will go back to the endless laundry or cleaning bottles and the other one will do it.  They time it perfectly.  If I sit and watch them they magically can keep their pacifiers in until I get up.  I am scared to see what they do when they really can communicate with each other!  As frustrating as the nights and pacifier game can become I still look at my beautiful girls and think it is still worth it!  They are still my pride and joy.  I can't wait to see their personalities as they grow. 

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  1. Oh Emily... Hang in there, it will get better. You've got a functioning Nate during the day for a few more weeks - maybe you should let him have some daddy-time during the day so you can nap. Don't you love how they take turns like that? Mine do that too - if one is being really naughty, the other one is generally pretty good, and then the roles switch. They will sleep eventually for more than a few hours at a stretch.