Sunday, February 13, 2011

And So It Begins........

I have had a very busy and stressful week!!! First I started the "prep"for our cycle on Thursday! It was defiantly a little anticlimactic!!! I started the BCP and then thought "WOW, this is boring!"  I did have an appointment that day to see my nurse Jessica to go over my medications and label everything.  I dragged my box of tricks to her office and boy did we go through EVERYTHING!  Then she handed me a little red folder that looked like a day planner and said that Nate and I can have a practice round of shots.  Inside the folder thingy was a Gonal F pen filled with saline and 2 needles.  In my mind this made the day a little more interesting.  I also showed her that I had gone off the deep end and purchased a fertility bracelet.  The stones in it are suppose to help and the elephant means something fertile  as well.  She laughed and said that in Reading, MA (where my retrieval and transfer will happen)  they have statues of fertility gods in the embryo room.  I thought that was funny.  I personally believe in one God but hey if it will bring me and my embryos luck I''ll try just about anything.  So after the meeting I headed home with my shots and a bottle of champagne.  That night Nate tried giving me a shot.  I didn't feel it go in at all!  That was a great sign!  Then he injected the saline!!! OMG that stung soooooo BAD! He couldn't even give me the whole shot.  It stung for about an hour total! So at that point I was not looking forward to the February 27th when the injections start!
The next morning I woke up and something happened that has never happened before.  TMI- it burned sooo much to pee!  I was running late so I got ready and went to work.  About 2 hours into work it hurt even more so in true Emily fashion I freaked out.  My biggest fear was that I had a UTI and the antibiotics they would prescribe would negate my BCP and my cycle would be ruined.  So I called Dr. Hill's office and braced myself for the worst.  They said it wouldn't hurt anything but said I need to see my primary care to get it cleared up ASAP.   So after running around friday and clearing it up I ended up in bed at 8pm because I was so stressed and tired.
After all that, last night I came home from work and Nate handed me a glass of wine and told me not to go into the kitchen.  To me a guy cooking and letting me relax is the best gift EVER!  He cooked a great dinner and we celebrated Valentines Day early because I have to close my store on Monday.
I haven't had to take these in a LOONG time

The practice shots

My fertility bracelet 

So after all the stress and excitement of the week I was feeling pretty relaxed this morning, so I decided to try the second shot my self in my stomach.  I took a deep breath and thought I was going to pass out.  I just thought of a baby or two playing on my living room floor and just did it.  It stung a little when I injected the saline but overall its really doable!  So now I am not as scared anymore.  I also know I will be giving myself all the stomach shots because I think I can handle it better when I am in control.  As for the butt shots well thats another story!

P.S I have no idea why the photos went to the middle of the post and I can't figure out how to move them!

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