Monday, February 28, 2011

New Week

Yesterday I started my lupron injections.  Yesterdays I barley felt, only when I put pressure on the injection site.  Today I did it on the opposite side on my stomach and it hurt a little more.  As for side effects I am not sure if I was tired all day yesterday because of the lupron or if I was just tired.  We will see as time goes on.
Yesterday, Abby, Sara, Jenny, Lesa and I all went to Bead It.  We all made awesome jewelry!  It was also very relaxing.
Today I start in the Tilton store.  I am sad to have left Concord but I know it is the right choice for me.  Saturday night all of the Concord crew went to the Olive Garden and we all had a great night!
School also started today so I really need to plan time management because I want to make sure IVF doesn't get in the way of homework.  I really hope school helps me keep my mind of IVF and keeps me somewhat calm.  We will see!

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