Sunday, February 20, 2011

A week away!

I can't believe I start my injections a week from today!  I am almost there! I think once the injections start the rest will fly bye! I know the cycle doesn't actually start until the stimulation injections but that is not to far off.  At the end of next month I could be PREGNANT!! I really really hope I am!
This week has been really hard.  This birth control has screwed my system up.  I have been sick all week
with the flu and then a cold.
I also start a class next week.  I am going to get as many classes in as possible in the upcoming months.  I really want to finish a degree.  I thought a 5 week accelerated class would be good to take my mind of everything IVF.  So this week will be long and boring I am sure.  If someone told me years ago I would be excited to be giving myself injections I would have thought them crazy, but here I am excited!

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  1. I am so very excited for you and Nathanial. I can't think of anyone more perfect than the two of you for being given the responsibility of nurturing and teaching a precious spirit from God.