Monday, February 7, 2011

A great "Last Weekend"

This past weekend my friend Ann and I braved the ice and snow to make it up to Ellsworth, NH to attend "The Batchelorette Party Continues...."  We spent the evening with Sara, Mary, Jenny, Abby, Al and Zack.  Yes, there were 2 guys that attended we like to call them our man servants. It was a really fun night!  This was the last "normal" weekend for a long time.  This week we start the prep for our first (and hopefully our last) IVF cycle.  All I am waiting for is Aunt Flo to grace me with her presence!  I know being on birth control for 18 days doesn't seem life changing but to me it is.  I also start fertility yoga, eating regiment of fertility super foods and keep my stress level WAY down.   I will also start some monitoring mostly blood work and ultrasounds.  My life will become all about timing, drugs, injections and emotional and physical ups and downs.  At the end of all this I really hope my dreams will become true!


  1. your dreams will come true :)

  2. ouch. i was completely forgotten!!!

  3. OMG JennyI did forget you and I didn't mention the other girl because O can't remember her name.
    Thanks Amy, You always say the nicest most positive things!