Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sick of February Already!

I can't believe how much snow we have and how much more we will be getting!!! I am ready for spring!  I loved last winter becuase by the end of February it was beautiful!  My major concern for february/March is what if we get a big storm when I need to be in Portsmouth for monitoring or worse we get a giant storm  when I need to be in Reading, MA for the transfer and extraction!  The extration is timed to almost the minute!  You can't even be 15 minutes late or  you have ruined the cycle so Nate and I have been considering staying in the closest hotel to the clinic and then sitting in their parking lot an hour early just to make sure we are covered!  If the extraction is later in the day then we might just leave with hours to spare.  If it is early in the morning we will get a hotel.   So its just another thing that is up in the air at this point. 

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