Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Found this letter on babycenter and thought it works in this situation!

Dear Aria and Olivia -

While you have dutifully completed 37 weeks of residency in the House of Mom. This letter is to hereby notify you that you must voluntarily vacate the premises within the next 3 days or face eviction.

In most cases we would allow you to extend your residency to 40 weeks. However, due to the failing health of the building, we insist on moving you out early.

It is our understanding that your next residency is filled with laughter, love and lots of coddling. We even hear there is free food and beverage at your disposal.

We thank you for the opportunity to explore every bathroom facility in the Lakes Region/Plymouth area. Your kicks and hiccups will be missed. We wish you the very best as you learn to become placenta free.

Thank you for your understanding in this very important matter.

Signed: UTe R-Us, owner and operator of the House of Mom

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