Monday, November 7, 2011

Rule number 1......Children even in utero are unpredictable!

So probably around 31 or 32 weeks I was in bed on my side and Aria was moving really weird and my side was so distorted for about a minute.  I didn't think anything of it and went to sleep.  The next morning it felt like her head was jammed in my ribs and has been like that since.  So going in for my ultrasound today I was unprepared for what I heard!  That little stinker flipped!  The "head" in my ribs, the one Nate and I have been lovingly feeling and patting was her bum!!  I have spent the past 5 weeks mentally preparing myself for a C-Section.  I have researched and convinced myself a C-Section was better and finally had come to terms with it.  I loved having a set end date and knowing once they started the section it would be minutes before I would see Aria's face and then Olivia's.  Now knowing both girls are head down and in perfect position for a vaginal delivery I am really nervous!  Don't get me wrong I am so thankful and I have wanted a vaginal delivery since day one.  I remember calling my mom crying when I thought we had to do a section.  Now that we can go any day now I am scared of labor.  They are both measuring about 4 and half pounds each which is very exciting and they are practicing their "breathing" in preparation for being out in the world!  So as of now I have around 9 lbs of baby I am carrying around!  Also this weekend a lot of people have commented that I have dropped. So we are getting close and its AWESOME to know if I go into labor now we are looking good for little or no help for the girls after delivery!   I see my OB on Wednesday and I am excited to see how we will proceed with the news of head down babies! 

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