Friday, April 20, 2012

Business Ventures

Right now my main job is being a mom which I love, but I also have a second and finding deals.  I never knew I could do that to bring in extra money.  It all started with my friend Crystal.  She wanted to sell something so I helped her put it on eBay.  It sold very fast.  It got me thinking ...what do I have around the house that I don't use and could sell.  SO when we moved I put a few things up and they sold.  Then the girls came and I got busy.  When they grew out of their preemie clothes I decided to put them on eBay.  I also put my friend Abby's kids clothes up as well. One day I went to babies r us and they had 50% off clearance clothes.  They had a lot of preemie items an I remembered how fast the girls preemie stuff sold.  So I took a chance and bought 15 outfits for 75$.  I pt them up on eBay that night. They all sold with in 9 days.  It got me thinking that people love a deal as much as I do.  I also live 20 minutes from a ton of outlets that have great clearance stuff.  So I scouting the kids outlets because I love kids clothes and bought some inventory.  It has been a few weeks and I am LOVING having an eBay store!  I decided to specialize in girls clothes sizes 18 mos-6.  I have a few things in smaller sizes and a few boy items but I love girl clothes.  I also didn't want to do the girls sizes because I was scared I would just keep all the clothes. 
When Nate saw how well I was doing he wanted to create a website and really make this a business.  He also wants to make me a website for this blog.  So I might be moving soon and will update when it happens.  We already bought the domain names and both were available!  I so excited to help bring in some money but also be at home with my girls!  If you are interested in see what I have in my eBay store here is the website  
On the twincess front, we have an appointment with the growth and nutrition program next Friday.  We also had another first..beach day.  We went with my friend Abby and her 2 girls Samantha (age 4 almost 5) and Maddie(2 almost 3) They didn't swim for obvious being April 18th but I went in!!  So here are a few pics...