Friday, April 27, 2012

Still not the size of our Thanksgiving turkey but i'll take it!

Today we headed down to Boston for Liv's appointment.  It went very well.  She has finally hit the double didgets!!! She is 10lbs 2oz!!!!  We are so excited she has been doing better!  We defiantly know now she has severe silent reflux and the 2 medications she has been taking are working!  We are so thankful for that.  Now we just need to get the crankiness  under control.  They were very good today I must say.  They always seem to be good when we go to Boston.  Also in the hall of that giant hospital we ran into the lactation consultant that got Aria breastfeeding!  It got me thinking about Liv and wondering if we could get her breast feeding as well.  It would make my life so much easier to not have to pump during the day!  Right now I feed Aria and then I have to pump 20 min later.  So I have to figure out that schedule and get Livy fed in there as well.  It is a lot and at time has added to my stress.  If I can tandem feed them I could get the feeding done in 20 min and then not have to worry about pumping! That would be amazing.  I talked to the feeding team and the GI doctor about it and they are all in agreement as long as it is safe for her.  The complication could be the aspiration but when a baby feeds from a bottle they can't control the speed which is Liv's issue.  If she is breastfeeding then she controls the speed and flow.  So our next appointment we are going to try it and they even are going to get Carol the lactation consultant that helped me with Aria to help us with Liv!  I am really hoping this will work.  Anyway, Nate has noticed that I am really tired and under a lot of stress so tonight he is going to sleep on the couch with the baby monitor and try to take the night shift.  I am worried about his zombie like persona at 3am but I have a feeling he will game most of the night.  So I am really hoping to get some good sleep in but I am worried.  I will be able to hear the babies if they cry to long so if Nate sleeps through the crying I am sure I will wake up and take over.  Well hopefully heres to a good night sleep!

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